Devin Ulibarri, one of the main developers for the visual programming language Music Blocks, is teaching a class "Learn Music and Coding" at the YMCA Malden as part of a project supported by the Malden Cultural Council and the YMCA.

Students learn both music and coding skills in a fun and integrated way, using Music Blocks software as their main tool. Music Blocks software runs in a browser and works on any operating system. Free Computer Labs (FCL) stepped in to help the YMCA Malden to create a computer lab for the classes and has lent six laptops for use in the classes. The laptops were donated to FCL by various donors (thank you!) FCL members helped to install the GNU operating system onto the laptops as well as free/libre software appropriate for the learning environment.

Students have been learning a lot about both music and coding. Yesterday, one of the students modified some of the javascript code in Music Blocks using GNU emacs, essentially making their own version of Music Blocks (the modification was to create a new mode/scale with their name, which they succeeded in doing).

The hope, however, is to donate desktop computers to the YMCA Malden so that they may have a more permanent computer lab. The goal is to donate 6 computers to help create the computer lab. If you are able to donate a computer, please contact us at

Thank you! Devin Ulibarri Co-founder of FCL